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Billing Explorer DeskPro is a software that can All Volume Control / Sound PC Client. Can Billing Server Small Large Volume Set Each PC Client, Disable / Enable Client Messages to Client or Client to Server, More Security, Full Anti Ctrl + Alt + Del, Task Manager Protection, Blocking Controller, Auto Shutdown, Client Settings From Server etc..

DeskPro :

Such facilities could DeskPro7 All Volume Control / Sound PC Client with the addition of the following:

- USB Lock & Unlock
USB Lock Menvegah Virus Log of USB.USB Unlock to USB Open back

- Point System
With the Point System, Owner figuring & Bonus Game Online can give to the Member or User Internet Game in place.

ABCDE in figuring example:
Users who use the Internet, at least 1 hour, will get the point = 1.
If 10 hours, got a point = 10 ff.

These points can be collected as much as possible. Owner figuring Bonus Game will give, for example as follows:
Point number = 4, can be exchanged with soft drinks.
Number of Points = 5, can be exchanged with the bag.
Point number = 8, can be exchanged with HP Voucher.

And so on, So figuring Game Owner can define your own Point Rewardnya.

Voucher System Time and Money
With this system, figuring & Game Owner can distinguish Rates for The computer type.

ABCDE in figuring example:
PC No. 1 to 30, cost per hour = 2000 Online Game, but to direct Package 5 Hours bianya = rp. 7500, -

PC No. 31 to 50, cost per hour = 2500 Online Game, but to direct Package 5 Hours bianya = rp. 10.000, -

Game owners can sell Voucher figuring Rated 10,000, - and 7,500, - for Package 5 Hours.

It could cost the division Rates Per Type 1 Group Computer In Room Can Set Rates as follows:
(Personal, Group, Games, Prepaid, Voucher, etc.)

For example: 1 Rooms There are 30 PC Client

Client No. 1 s / d 10 Using Type QuadCore PC, equipped with a WebCam, and AC There was.
Tariffs rp. 3500/Jam, Game rp. 3200/Jam, Member rp. 3000/Jam

Client No. 11 s / d 20 Using PC Core2Core type, equipped with a WebCam.
Tariffs rp. 3300/Jam, Game rp. 3100/Jam, Member rp. 2800/Jam

Client No. 21 s / d 30 Using a PC type Pentium 3, Without a WebCam, and his No AC.
Tariffs rp. 3000/Jam, Game rp. 2900/Jam, Member rp. 2700/Jam

With DeskPro8, a room can be arranged VIP Distribution Charge Rates, Economy Rates, Etc. Standard Tariff.

In the version DeskPro:
1 Member Account Fee Rates can vary, the example above, If the Member page. PC using the No. 1 s / d 10, the fee was rp. PC 3000/Jam.Jika wear No. 11 s / d 20, PC Charge 2800/Jam.Jika wear No. 21 s / d 30, 2700/Jam fare.

Report To do List (Admin, Operator, etc.)
Billing Activity Report carried out by Admin, Operator, Owner, Such As I entered the Menu Member Area, Configuration Settings, Setting Fees, User Management, Billing, etc. Close.

User Account Management
Edit the register or account that is used to Access Billing, Like List Group Adds Super Admin, Group Admin or regular User Group.

Setting Different Password Each Group Super Admin, Admin, User, etc..
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