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KBBI or Big Indonesian Dictionary
in the network, greatly beneficial to us all when they want to refer to a word based on the Indonesian language that is good and right. But, we often experience difficulty when we are offline, in short we can not open the site KBBI Online.

Steven Haryanto, a programmer, writer, and activist in the field of Information Technology, providing a solution for all of us, in order to outsmart KBBI can be used without having to connect to the internet or offline. He was outsmart by downloading all the HTML pages KBBI, clean up the excesses of HTML code and combine all entries into a file with a dozen lines of Perl code, and do the parsing with hundreds of lines of Perl code!

Oh yes, the programmer is only made ​​database that will be combined with StarDict, a free dictionary program is available in a variety of platforms (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X). Interested?

Follow the following steps:

A. Download the database

2. Then download StarDict,

3. Install StarDict,

4. Open the database in the form of tarballs (tar.gz2) and extract it to C: \ Program Files \ StarDict \ dic,
5. Run StarDict is already installed, click the [Main Menu] house-shaped icon and select [Dict Manager].

6. See section Dict List, if all steps are correct, then there is "Big Indonesian Dictionary, Third Edition (2001)".

7. Click [Close], ready to use dictionaries.

Download Link :
Download Link :

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