Download Free AIMP 2.61.

Online File Sharing Free - AIMP to hear your favorite audio quality is very good, high-performance audio player. This software, so it looks like the Winamp audio player other common, you will be able to use it very easily. This software also allows you to customize the skin.

This program displays the rhythmic visual effects and a playlist editor to organize your audio files in the 18-band equalizer, a window is displayed.

The effect of "fading" nice, you can create a list of sounds like an infinite loop. The normalization of the volume function is used to prevent hardening of the sound, if the file has changed significantly. We have the ability to control the global hot key player in this ITAM is also convenient.

Three utility sound audio playback in addition to the AIMP to this record memungknkan tambahakn computer, you can view or edit the tags if you convert audio files from one format to another you. AIMP, so the player based on BASS audio engine, software, new plug-ins (plug-in library included in this program) is connected, you can extend the functionality of the player you know.

Download AIMP 2.61. for free here in Online file sharing free

The program interface is very convenient. Design professionals are very clever, you can move the light and simple, it looks like commands. To get an automatic shut-off deadline and selectivity with AIMP action to stop this program, you want to change. However, the most interesting for us: the ability to record online radio.

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