Google Chrome Beta 19.0.10681 Dev Full Download Free

Download Latest Google Chrome. Google's new Chrome browser to update, now entered the beta version. Greatness has to offer this version - add the website page load speed becomes even faster. Chrome Beta with the initiative to open a web page in the browser area background even if you have not finished typing the website URL address in the address bar area.
In this way it would cut the time of course, before the enter button is clicked, the website you want has been completely open with the obvious. Also at the same time saving energy.

In addition to speed matters, Chrome beta also brings progress for safe browsing and security affairs in order to protect our computer systems from software attacks ignorant.

In previous versions, Chrome has been performing great with computers fortify users of these sites are able to exploit the computer without the need to interact with it.

Now the added security again to address the websites that lure us to download and execute a file that can harm your computer. Examples include websites that seemed to offer protection antivirus products.

To protect you from these things, Chrome includes an advanced application functions to analyze the files that are executed - such as a file. Exe and. Msi - before you download. If it p
roves it is a file of ignorant, or are on a hosting that does have a bad reputation. So Chrome will warn you that the file is a file of ignorant (malware) which should be rejected

Do not be afraid of the word "Beta", although the time in that stage. However, the advantages offered is very impressive and greatness. Just wait a few days too weeks, of course update was released. You can just click the update button then directly into the perfect version. So please try this beta version.

Google Chrome Beta 19.0.1068.1 Dev
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