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Photo Mishmash Screensaver uses your own JPEG & PNG images, like photos, web graphics or clipart, and squeezes, stretches and swirls them until they are no longer recognizable. Instead you see forming before your eyes a stunning piece of abstract art. As you watch the images distort, Photo Mishmash will continuously add new images and your own text messages as further ingredients to the mix. Purchase the full version at the publisher's page.

by Nick Mead about Photo Mishmash Screensaver

“Screensaver with great face distortion effects”
If you've ever used Photo Booth on the Mac, then you'll know the kind of weird and wonderful effects that can be achieved.

Photo Mishmash Screensaver gives you exactly the same kind of effects but in a screensaver - so now you can watch your warped face swirl around your screen when your computer wants a rest. Photo Mishmash allows you to use your JPEG & PNG photos, web graphics or clipart, and then proceeds to squeeze, stretch and swirl them until they are no longer recognizable.

What you see can be both funny and horrifying

  • Performs some spectacular distortion effects
  • No two screensaver screens the same
  • Only works with limited image formats
  • Will not work in 256 color mode
  • Few customization options

Photo Mishmash Screensaver : 

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