Update, Opera 11.62 Full Version Free Downloads

Opera 11.62
keeps the general design and functionality of the highly-praised Opera 11.10, but adds convenient improved features like an improved Speed Dial, Password Syncing across devices and a faster rendering engine.
As for the the interface, Opera 11.62 features a slightly cleaner GUI with a focus on webpages instead of buttons and menus. Overall, Opera 11.62 isn't a huge change compared to the last version, but it has been improved with some nice new features.

How to speed up the opera browser:
  1. Open your browser OPERA
  2. In the browser address type in opera: config then enter.
  3. click on performance.
  4. For setting the maximum of the bandwidth limit, then change the setting with the following content :
    • Max  Connection Server -------------------------------->>=10
    • Max Connection Total----------------------------------->>=64
    • Network Buffer Size ------------------------------------>>= 64
    • Check No Connection Keep Alive
    • Check Non-Compliant  100  Server Continue
Download Free :
Opera 11.652 : http://adf.ly/6t2Qy

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