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Magic eBooks Collection - I assembled this collection of books for a friend of mine who is a professional stage magician specialising in mostly 'close-up' work, and a professional practitioner of both stage and therapeutic hypnosis.

Book List
10 Amazing Routines Using The Dynamic Coins Gimmick.pdf
100 Classic Houdini Tricks You Can Do.pdf
110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects - Marvin's Ma.pdf
A. Roterberg - Later Day Tricks.pdf
Al Baker & Co - Our Mysteries.pdf
Alain Nu - Hardcore Mentalism.pdf
Aldo Colombini - Magnetic.pdf
Aldo Colombini - Pre-Deckability.pdf
Aldo Colombini - The Band - 13 New Effects With Cards & Rubb.pdf
Aldo Colombini - The Band & Card.pdf
Alex Elmsley - NFW.pdf
Aliun Levitation.pdf
Anders Moden - Healed & Sealed Soda.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Bisection.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Head Twister.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Making Money with Magic .pdf
Andrew Mayne - Pocket Sawing In Half.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Spike Through Tongue.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Three Steps toDramatic Magic.pdf
Andrew Mayne - Touching the Sky.pdf
Andrew Mayne - X-Ray Specs.pdf
Angelo Carbone - Packet Levitation.pdf
Annemann - 202 Methods of Forcing.pdf
Annemann - Annemann's Card Miracles.pdf
Annemann - Buried Treasure.pdf
Annemann - Card Miracles.pdf
Annemann - Mental Miracles.pdf
Annemann - Mental Mysteries (1).pdf
Annemann - Mental Mysteries.pdf
Balloon Sculpture.pdf
Bar Tricks - Beer Bottle Magic Trick.pdf
Beginner Magic.pdf
Best of Jay Sankey Vol 1.pdf
Burlingame Magic Tricks.pdf
Card Levitation Learn to Levitate a Card.pdf
Card Magic.pdf
Cesaral Melting Point.pdf
Coffee To Coins Magic Trick.pdf
Coin Mind Reading.pdf
Dai Vernon - A Chinese Classic.pdf
Dai Vernon - Card of Gods.pdf
Dai Vernon - Expert Card Technique (The Lost Chapters).pdf
Dai Vernon - More Inner Secrets Of Card Magic.pdf
Dai Vernon - Trick that Cannot be Explained.pdf
Dan Garrett - Closeup Connivery - Vol 2.pdf
Dan Harlan - Creativity In 9 Steps.pdf
Dan Harlan - DateTrick.pdf
Dan Harlan - Hover Card.pdf
Daniel Garcia - Greed.pdf
Daniel Garcia - Scatter.pdf
Daniel Garcia next notes.pdf
Daryl - Ambitious Card Routine.pdf
David Blaine Balducci Levitation.pdf
David Blaine Street Magic.pdf
David Blaine's Magic Revealed.pdf
David Copperfield - Floating Rose - Explanation.pdf
David Copperfield - Floating Rose.pdf
David Copperfield - Laser Pen Illusion.pdf
David Copperfield - Magic Revealed.pdf
David Copperfield - Misled.pdf
David Ginn - Almost Unpublished.pdf
David Goldblatt - Ventriloquism.pdf
David Stone - Basic Coin Magic 2 - DVD Cover.pdf
David Williamson - How Magic Works.pdf
Derren Brown - 7 Deceptions.pdf
Derren Brown - Absolute Magic.pdf
Derren Brown - Mind Games [Vol 1].pdf
Derren Brown - Subliminal Persuasion.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Of The Mind [Vol 1].pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Of The Mind [Vol 2].pdf
Derren Brown - Ultimate Effect.pdf
Docc Hilford - Cards Cairo.pdf
Docc Hilford - Cellular Mitosis.pdf
Docc Hilford - center tear.pdf
Docc Hilford - Fem Fatale.pdf
Docc Hilford - Mephisto'S Journey.pdf
Docc Hilford - Sideshow.PDF
Docc Hilford - The Ball & Tube.pdf
Docc Hilford - The Cassandra Deck.pdf
Ed Marlo - Miracle Card Change.pdf
Edward Marlo - False Riffle Shuffle In One Shuffle.pdf
Edward Marlo - Marlo's Roughed Stripper Deck.pdf
Edward Marlo - The Cardician - Index.pdf
Ego Vo1 Issue1.pdf
Ellusionist - Healed & Sealed.pdf
Ellusionist - Kard Klub Book.pdf
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.pdf
Eugene Burger - Audience Involvement Lecture.pdf
Eugene Burger - Collected Essays.pdf
Eugene Burger - The Secrets of Restaurant Magic.pdf
Expert at the Card Table.pdf
Extreme (street) Magic.pdf
Ezy Magic.pdf
Floating Bill and Small Objects Levitation.pdf
Floating Cigarette.pdf
Frank R Wallace - Neocheating.pdf
Goshman - Multiplying Sponge Balls.pdf
Greg Wilson - Lecture notes (Inside Magic).pdf
Gregory Wilson - Hundy 500.pdf
Guy Hollingworth - Reformation.pdf
Harry Houdini - Miracle Mongers And Their Methods.pdf
Houdini Torture Cell.pdf
Illusions and Mental Phenomena Vol 1.pdf
J.H. Burlingame - Tricks in Magic.pdf
Jay Sankey - Airtight.pdf
Jay Sankey - Best of Vol 1.pdf
Jay Sankey - Cut Here.pdf
Jay Sankey - Dough.pdf
Jay Sankey - Four Seasons.pdf
Jay Sankey - Lecture Notes (Amazing Tricks).pdf
Jay Sankey - Lecture Notes.pdf
Jay Sankey - Magic Of Jay Sankey.pdf
Jay Sankey - Magnet Card.pdf
Jay Sankey - Sankeytized.pdf
Jay Sankey - Wrap It Up.pdf
Jean Bobo - Modern Coin Magic.pdf
Jean Hugard - Encyclopaedia Of Card Tricks.pdf
Jean Hugard - The Royal Road to Card Magic.pdf
Jeff Ezell - Close-up & Parlor Magic Lecture Notes.pdf
John Carney - Prediction [Carneycopia].pdf
John Carney - Prediction Carneycopia (Center Tear).pdf
John Cornelius - Fickle Nickle.pdf
John Kennedy - CTW.pdf
John Williams - Ezy Magic Fun Book.pdf
Juan Tamariz - Mnemonic Major.pdf
Keith Clark - Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks (missing page 228&229).pdf
Learn Sponge Balls.pdf
Lee Asher - Brute Force.pdf
Lee Asher - Catch 33.pdf
Lee Asher - Close Cover Before Striking.pdf
Lee Asher - Hand Jobs.pdf
Lee Asher - Le Asher.pdf
Lee Asher - Sex Sells.pdf
Lee Asher - The Losing Control.pdf
Lee Asher - Thinking Out Loud.pdf
Lee Asher Card Magic like the Asher Twist Pulp Friction Catc.pdf
Levitation Library.pdf
Liesbeth Ketel - Coin Tricks.pdf
Life Skills - Magic - David Blaine - Levitation.pdf
Lou Gallo - Incredible Cards & Coins.pdf
Magic - The Complete Course.pdf
Magic - Totaly Impromptu Deck Levitation Effect.pdf
Magic Tricks - The Fruit Machine Code.pdf
Magic Tricks 110 Page Ebook.pdf
Magic Tricks for the Beginning Magician.pdf
Marc Desouza - Die of Destiny.pdf
Marc Spelmann - Glimpse.pdf
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic.pdf
Matt Beadle - Advanced Cups And Balls.pdf
Matt Beadle - Cups And Balls Explained.pdf
Michael Ammar - 3rd world lecture notes.pdf
Michael Ammar - Albo Card.pdf
Michael Ammar - Fourth World Lecture Tour.pdf
Michael Ammar - The Crazy Man's Handcuffs.pdf
Mike Bent's - Zero Gravity Levitation.pdf
Mind Reading for Fun and Profit.pdf
Money Magic.pdf
Paper Magic - Houdini.pdf
Party Magic Tricks.pdf
Paul Daniels - How To Make Money By Magic - 02.pdf
Paul Daniels - How To Make Money By Magic - 05.pdf
Paul Daniels - How To Make Money By Magic - 06.pdf
Paul Harris - Buck Naked.pdf
Paul Osborne - The Black Book - 105 Where is She.pdf
Pencil Manipulation.pdf
Pickpocketing - Eddie Joseph.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - Absolute Zero Evolution.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - Boxed Transpo.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - Double Your Pleasure.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - In Slow Effect.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - Ricochet(1).pdf
R. Paul Wilson - Ricochet.pdf
R. Paul Wilson - TakingThem Easy.pdf
R. Paul Wilson Completely Crowded.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Business of Magic.pdf
Richard Robinson - The Easy Sponge Ball Act.pdf
Robert Anue Hypnotic Card Deck.pdf
Rope Magic.pdf
Ross Jeffries - Magick and Psychic Influence.pdf
Scott Guinn - Great Scott's Cups and Balls Routine.pdf
Scott Guinn - Table-Hopping Cups And Balls.pdf
Senor Mardo - Magic for Bartenders.pdf
Simon Aronson - The Linking Ring 2002 Cover Story.pdf
Simon Lovell - Pen thru tongue.pdf
Simon Lovell - Second to None Illustrations.pdf
Simon Lovell -1- Second to None.pdf
Slydini - Flight Of The Paper Balls.pdf
Stars Of Magic - John Scarne - Classic Ball Routine.pdf
Stars Of Magic - John Scarne - Triple Coincidence.pdf
Steve Fearson - Card in Ceiling.pdf
Steve Fearson - Easy Float.pdf
Steve Fearson - Fearson's Aces.pdf
Steve Fearson - Floating Cigarette.pdf
Steve Fearson - Insertion template.pdf
Steve Fearson - Insertion.pdf
Steve Fearson - Repop.pdf
Steve Fearson - Self Levitation Box.pdf
Steve Fearson - Station Manager.pdf
Steve Fearson - The Secret Knowledge.pdf
Steve Fearson - The Source (Making Invisible Thread & Wax).pdf
Steve Fearson - ThumbThing Templates.pdf
Steve Fearson - Thumbthing.pdf
Steve Fearson - Video Vision.pdf
Tarbell - The Tarbell Course Of Magic.pdf
The Art & Meaning of Magic.pdf
THE MAGIC LIBRARY - Theo Annemann - Annemann's Mental Myster.pdf
The Marlo Miracle.pdf
Thomas Henry - One Man Parade - The Linking Ring.pdf
Tin Pusher - Making The Floating Match Effect.pdf
Topit Plans.pdf - Matrix.pdf
Troy Hooser - exTROYdinary.pdf
Various effects.pdf
Will Blyth - Paper Magic.pdf
Zero Gravity (self-levitation).pdf

Magician - eBooks about Mentalisim Magic
Angelo Stagnaro - European Mentalism Lecture Notes - 2005.doc
Book of Numbers.doc
Kenton Knepper - 01 - Subtext Continued.mp3
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 1.mp3
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 3.mp3
Kenton Knepper & Rex Sikes - Wonder Readings 1.mp3
Kenton Knepper & Rex Sikes - Wonder Readings 2.mp3
Kenton Knepper & Rex Sikes - Wonder Readings 3.mp3
Kenton Knepper & Rex Sikes - Wonder Readings 4.mp3
[Magic] Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 2.pdf
Angelo Stagnaro's Something From Nothing - A Guide To Modern Cold Reading.pdf
Banachek - Card Revelations, The Telephone Bullet Catch and more.pdf
Banachek - Easy Effects.pdf
Banachek - Effects.pdf
Banachek - PK Touches.pdf
Banachek - PreThoughts.pdf
Banachek - Psychokinetic Time.pdf
Banachek - Psychokinetic Touches.pdf
Banachek - Psychological Subtleties.pdf
Banachek - Psychophysiological Thought Reading.pdf
Banachek - taming the poltergeist.pdf
Basil Horfitz - Mental Magic IV.pdf
Ben Rayot - Deadly Mentalism.PDF
Bob Cassidy - 39 Steps to Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art of Mentalism 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art Of Mentalism 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art of mentalism 3.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Bent On Strange.pdf
Bob Cassidy - But Stranger Still.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Crossroads Crosswords.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Dr. Crow's Psychic Secrets.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Dreams and Devices.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Extremely Remote.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook To Mentalism (1).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook To Mentalism(1).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook to Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - fundamentalsfour.pdf
Bob Cassidy - hanussen proof (parapsychology).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Immortal and Cassandra Combo.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Lab Conditions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism - Tricks - Compleat Principia Menta.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism - Tricks - Confessions Of Dr Crow.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism and Magick.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Explosions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Games.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Razor.pdf
Bob Cassidy - PseudoMentally Yours.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Scorpio's Message.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Side Effects.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Strange 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Strange Impressions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Techniques of Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Techniquesof Mentalism Lecture Notes.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Art of Mentalism 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Black Book of Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Exclusive Routines.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Invisible Mirror.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Moldavian Switch.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The RV Tester.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Schattenjaeger.pdf
Bob Cassidy - theheresies.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Theories And Methods For The Practical Psychic.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Triple Edge.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Universe An ebook of Practical Mentalism.pdf
Body Language - Allan Pease.pdf
Body Language.pdf
Chuck Hickok - Mentalism Incorporated.pdf
Cold Reading - Discussion and Review.pdf
Cold Reading.pdf
Corinda - 13 Steps To Mentalism (Complete).pdf
Denis Dutton - On Cold Reading.pdf
Derren Brown - 7 Deceptions By Luke Jermay2.pdf
Derren Brown - Behind the screen.pdf
Derren Brown - Book - Absolute Magic.pdf
Derren Brown - Book - Pure effect.pdf
Derren Brown - ESP.pdf
Derren Brown - Hand Stuck On Table.pdf
Derren Brown - how to get the truth out of anyone.pdf
Derren Brown - Lift.pdf
Derren Brown - Losing Hand.pdf
Derren Brown - Mentalism Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Mentalism.pdf
Derren Brown - Mind Games - Vol 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Reading Minds.pdf
Derren Brown - Reminiscence.pdf
Derren Brown - Rock Paper Scissors.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - 3 Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Easy Mentalism.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Mind Reading Tricks Volume 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Ultimate Effect.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Welcome to Derren Brown Mentalism Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Subliminal Force.pdf
Derren Brown - Synchronized Drinking.pdf
Derren Brown - Techniques.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Magic Seduction.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Volume 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Workbook.pdf
Derren Brown Tricks MagicSeduction.pdf
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism - Volume 1.pdf
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism - Volume 3.pdf
George B. Anderson - Dynamite Mentalism.pdf
Herb Dewey - Red Hot Cold Reading.pdf
How to Tell if Someone is Lying.pdf
Ian Rowlands-Full Facts Book of Cold Reading.pdf
Impromptu Mind Reading Effect.pdf
Jas Jakutsch - Completely Mental - Vol 2.pdf
Joe Riding - Advanced Cold Reading.pdf
Joseph R. Plazo - PhD of Persuasion.pdf
Juan Tamariz - Mental Blockbuster Prediction.pdf
Katz - mentalism in linguistics.pdf
Kenton Knepper - 3-way Billet.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Alexander Opera House.pdf
Kenton Knepper - An Enchanted Evening.PDF
Kenton Knepper - Bentcent.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Card Through Banknote.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Completely Cold (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Completely Cold.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Date With Destiny 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - KENT.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Kentonism.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer kard 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer Konceptions(1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer Konceptions.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Kolossal Killer.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Little Book of Wonders.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Little Book of Wonders1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Lucky Number.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Miracles of Suggestion.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Miraculous Ploys.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Okitodoll.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Rants into Raves.PDF
Kenton Knepper - SAR.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 3.pdf
Kenton Knepper - The Ring.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Three Bill Monte.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Tippler2 harbin (2004).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Web1 (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Weird Enough.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Wizard Private Files.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 3.pdf
Kenton Knepper - X.pdf
Kenton Knepper & Rex Steven Sikes - Wonder Readings.pdf
Kenton Knepper & Rex Steven Sikes-Wonder Readings.pdf
Kenton Knepper Completely Cold1.pdf
Kenton Knepper- Hermit Dream .pdf
Larry Becker - Bold Business.pdf
Larry Becker - Book Test 4 Dummies.pdf
Larry Becker - Out of Body.pdf
Larry Becker - World of Super Mentalism I.pdf
Larry Becker - World Of Super Mentalism, II.pdf
Lee Earle - 1-2-3 Trilogy.pdf
Lee Earle - Early Earle.pdf
Lee Earle - M.I.N.D..pdf
lee earle - manifestations.pdf
Lee Earle - Out of Syzygy.pdf
Lee Earle - Silver Bullet Lite.pdf
Lee Earle - Sun Signs (XBXCSA).pdf
Lee Earle - Sun Signs.pdf
Lee Earle - SuperScript (Password KYJNKA).pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - Graphics.pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - The First Five Volumes.pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - Vol 1.pdf
Lee Earle - The Gentle Art of Cold Reading.pdf
Making Manifestations (Building the Commercial Seance) by Lee Earle.pdf
Marc Spelmann - Glimpse.pdf
Mark Timon - Triple Impact Design Duplication - Mentalism.pdf
Master Of Body Language.pdf
Mastering Hypnosis.pdf
Max Maven - Flaunting Five Fanciful Formulae.pdf
Mental tricks 6 techniques (pwd=ebookPublications).pdf
Nick Trost - Mental Card Miracles.pdf
Ormond McGill - Psychic Magic - Vol 2.pdf
Ormond McGill - Psychic Magic - Vol 4.pdf
Patrick Page - Entertaining ESP.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Blue, Red, And Green Books Of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Blue-green and red Book Of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Violet Book of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Yellow Book Of Mentalism.pdf
Psychokinesis Magic Book.pdf
Ralph W Read - One Man Mind Reading Secrets.pdf
Ray Hyman - Guide to Cold Reading.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Black Box.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Breakthrough Card System.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries 1.PDF
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries 2.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Essays.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Making Magic Real.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Making Real Magic.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book v1.PDF
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book v3.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Breakthrough Card System.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Perfected Center Tear.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Principles of Magic.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Very Modern Mindreader.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Thought Scan1.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Transparent Forces.pdf
Richard Webster - Cold Reading The Future With Numerology.pdf
Richard Webster - Cold Reading Variations.pdf
Robert Nelson - Deluxe Club Mind Reading.pdf
Robert Nelson - Sequel to The Art of Cold Reading.pdf
Robert Nelson - The Art Of Cold Reading.pdf
Sealed Vision - Will Dexters.pdf
Shortbook - Janet Lowe - Bill Gates Sein Erfolgsgeheimnis.pdf
Tradecraft - The Art And Science Of Cold Reading.pdf
Using Playing Cards in Mentalism.pdf
William Walker Atkinson - Practical Mind Reading.pdf



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