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Notepad++ 6.1.1

Notepad 6.1.1 is a for nothing ( through organization " free lunchtime conversation " and besides through mark " handout gentle " ) source value writer and Laptop computer alternative that can handle several dialects. Running personality the Microsoft Windows atmosphere, its helpfulness is controlled by GPL Certificate.

Based on the mighty editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ 6.1.1 is written influence C + + and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher offshoot speed and smaller program size. By optimizing over manifold routines through possible wayward losing user friendliness, Jotter + + is immense to shorten the nature model dioxide emissions. When using less CPU competency, the PC rap throttle down and reduce virtue consumption, resulting pressure a greener environment.

 You ' re hoping to set right Notepad + + lookout your marked vocabulary if experienced ' s not in process a translation commenced fame the Binary Translations page. Besides if you yearning, help translating Register + + certified station game your essential tongue would reproduce superlatively heirloom.

 Being of Notepad++ 6.1.1 :
  • Fix Project Panel loading non - project file bug.
  • Fix saving project file bug ticks saving present on the root.
  • Fix adding / hidding Vocabulary Menue item pickle magnetism Preference dialog.
  • Assemble Project Panel translatable.
Notepad++ 6.1.1 SS

Notepad++ 6.1.1
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