Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Online file sharing free - The main character - a talented graffiti artist trains, which is different from the hundreds of other graffiti excellent knowledge of the city, the streets of New-radius profit great athlete and an incredible passion for her lover. Every day he risked his life to get into hard to reach places and decorate them with bright graffiti. As a "career" The train has evolved from a beginner with a few colorful markers in the past master, whose hands (as well as banks and other instruments, graffiti) will be created masterpieces in all parts of the huge city. Of course, the luxury of quiet work will have to forget once and for all.

Marc Ecko it Up: Contents under pressure (2006/MULTi2/Lossless repack the RG origami)
Year: 2006 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Collective | Publisher: Atari | 922 Mb
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd person / stealth

On the way to the heights of perfection, not only irritates city officials and competitors - such as illegal artists. These and other possible during the meeting to engage in a fight or sneak past unnoticed ... yes, crept up from behind, stunning blow to the head of the enemy. Finally, in addition to street fights and train painting graffiti will perform acrobatic stunts of small, rock-climbing, for example, the introduction of the height of eaves and gutters. So, you already know that this is due to the fact that the hero reaches the top of the graffiti. You have to go through 20 levels of play to get the answer to the question: how?

"The process of drawing graffiti is close to true: it is necessary to stop the handle, as the band immediately available colors.
"11 different urban environments, 20 levels and many missions.
"The use in combat fists and kicks, perform grabs, use the resources at hand as weapons.
"The high level of artificial intelligence opponents.
"The tool kit includes stencils, spray cans, markers, paint and rollers.
"The art of drawing train course of six characters whose prototypes are truly masters of graffiti.
"Stylish music arrangement.

Features repack
* Do not cut / no recoded
It is based on - Licensed by Atari
Installation time ~ ~ ~ V 5 minutes
Published R.G. Origami
* Cut all the localization, unused game (Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian)

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