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Sandboxie 3.68

Sandboxie 3.68
is a protection tool for your computer, Sandboxie is the sand that meant death for the evil intruder. Especially if your computer is often connected to the internet or transfer data from external media vulnerable to intruders viruses, spyware, malware, adware and various bacteria and germs foreign file.

How it works is quite simple sanboxie. Once installed on your computer, your computer will then form a new kind of virtual partition that is on your hard drive. Through the settings menu, you can specify any program or application to be processed through this Sandboxie. The point of all operations involving the file or data that is processed in a specified application will be 'parked' while in a room that has been provided by the virtual partition space created by Sandboxie. The room is tight and separate the real from the system hard drive in your computer, it may also mean a kind of quarantine or something.
Well when you have finished running the program you mean then you really have not really able to save your work. All the results of your work for a while still parked in the virtual space partition. Herein lies the point. If when you're doing or running the application was apparently in trouble, such as causing the spread of the virus or self-inactivity then your system does not directly damaged or otherwise not disturbed, because as I said earlier it takes place in a special chamber.

Sandboxie 3.68

Sandboxie 3.68 Full Version
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