Download Lookout Mobile Security Review For iPhone & Android

Download Lookout Mobile Security Review For iPhone & Android

is another award winning Android application which can be used to protect your phone in case of viruses, theft or in case of misplace. It has been downloaded by thousands of users so far. Lookout is available in two versions: free, as well as premium.
The free version provides protection against viruses and spyware. The premium version is a paid one and offers some enhanced features. It also provides features of backup and restore. It can also track the phone if you’ve lost it or if it has been stolen.

The security protection automatically scans apps you install and update and (optionally) new files for viruses and malware. By default it also performs a full scan weekly, which you can schedule for a particular time or day, or turn off if desired.

The backup feature saves your contacts and, if you have a premium account, your pictures and call history to your online account. There you can view them and restore them to the same device should you accidentally erase your data. Premium account holders can choose to restore their data to another tablet or phone, a handy feature if you're migrating to a new device.. Lookout makes backups daily by default, though you can adjust the frequency in the settings menu.

The missing device feature lets you remotely control your device from your online account. By logging in to the Lookout website, you can locate your phone or tablet on a Google Map or make it scream so you can find it even if the device volume is set to low or silent. If you have a premium account, you can remotely lock your tablet or phone to prevent someone from using it, or wipe it to erase all your data in case you have no hope of ever getting it back.

If a thief replaces the SIM card in your phone with their own, the Lookout app will detect the change and show the new number on your online account. You can then use the number to help in catching the thief or, if you are especially devious, you can prank call them at all hours of the night--making them really regret stealing your phone.

Lookout for iPhones & Android
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