Download Software Download Accelerator Plus Beta

Download Software Download Accelerator Plus Beta

Download Software Download Accelerator Plus Beta - Obtain Administrator, which allows to speed up the process of installing information from the Internet. Can handle several installing from several hosts, continue after a disconnection, auto power off the computer after the period. The application has a built-in search for information on the hosts. Administrator combines well with internet explorer, supports proxies, etc. There is a European interface.

Download Accelerator Plus Beta starts to load simultaneously - in a few channels, due to what the total computer file download time is decreased, and this speed can be quite significant. The main function - the technology Always Resume: continue ability of those hosts that do not support returning to. Due to its advantages, the program will be a invaluable advantage for hard-core lovers of installing.

In the Download Accelerator Plus integrated FTP browser and scheduler dialer (at the end of injection can disconnect from the network and shut down your computer). There is a preview downloadable multimedia files. Rather numerous options allow to enable automatic checking downloaded files with antivirus software, select the search method "mirrors", set up work through a proxy, set the parameters of the task scheduler, etc.

DAP intergriruetsya the most popular browsers (including their most recent versions), and therefore does not require a separate run - one has only to click in the browser window on the link to the file itself and DAP will now start downloading it.

The program can run on a schedule: at the right time will automatically connect to the Internet and download a pre-defined files, and then (with appropriate options) disconnects from the ISP and shut down the computer, able to search for the fastest "mirror" and download the files after the break, and even includes assume such an unusual feature for such programs as the ability to search for MP3-files, programs, movies and games.

Key features:

• Maximum possible download speed of files:
- Proven - Advanced patented technology
- Tested - 195 million users
- Recognized - the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2008

• Automatic speed search sources:
- Find the fastest download sources
- Go to faster loading time in the sources file for the super fast download

• Secure Download:
- Download a safer, to see that the leading security programs say about your files

• Stop and resume:
- Continuation of the terminated or suspended downloads

• Preview video:
- Watch the video during uploads

• File Shredder:
- Complete destruction of files

• Preview of ZIP archives:
- Preview and uncompress ZIP files during the download

• Confidential uploads:
- Lock, hide and protect your downloads

• Clear signs of downloads:
- Complete removal of traces of downloads on your computer

Download Software Download Accelerator Plus Beta

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