Download Software VLC Media Player 1.1.11

Download Software VLC Media Player 1.1.11

VLC Media Player 1.1.11  is an open source media player ranked as the best among the thousands of media players on the exit. As an amateur, he only appeared as a "Media Player" but the fact is, he has the ability with various functions, such as recording, and streaming options.What makes it stand out is quick & easy IDE, supporting various formats and many more fail.

Let's look at the characteristics that we might not know.

 VLC Media Player 1.1.11  has a lot of video aesthetic impression, of which encapsulate; Image adjustment, Transformation, video cropping, Geometrical view & magnification, video rotation, color fun, and Image modification. users can access the video feature through the Extended Settings from the Menu VLC. There would appear characteristic of some functions in various tabs.

  1. Basic Image Adjustments
    VLC has a picture customization options. Under the Basic tab, users can play around with various color adjustments; Hue, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, etc.. In adjusting the color, the user may see changes in realtime.
  2. Video Sharpness effect
    In addition to the principle of image adjustment options, there are other features will let users adjust the sharpness of video. Under the Basic tab, activate the option and adjust the Sharpen sigma escort as required. This will show the changes in realtime so that users will be able to adjust the sharpness accordingly.
  3. Transformation to an angle that differed
    Transform option allows you to play the video with some darjah. Transform option enabled will turn on lap feature video. It offers a lap at 90.180, and 270 darjah. This works if the user has a video recorded by a camera in the corner of differing
  4. Video Magnification / Zoom in & out
    Another interesting characteristic is the enlargement Video. Under the Geometry tab, enable the Enable Magnification / Zoom, and users can zoom in or out on the video. He will present a small Window at the upper left corner with the enlargement of the main convoy. To view the video portion is desired, move the screen a small square on the Window.
  5. Round Video
    With the characteristics of a very good round, the user can play videoin a direction everywhere. Turn round selection, and rotate through a convoy in a circle.
  6. Puzzle Game
    If the user presses the selection of Puzzle Game, the video will be video pieces that disorientate. Enter the number of columns and rows to determine the number puzzle that users want.
  7. Under the Color tab fun, users can play around with colors, but he did not explain the choice of colors. users need to write the color codes to put in the video. In addition, through the Color Extraction option, the user may enter a specific color codes to set out from the video.
  8. Panoramic view (Optimal for Muti-Screen)
    Vout / Overlay has another remarkable feature, that allows video distribution to multiple Window desktop.Di left, the text will allow the Add option to add text in any Window.
  9. Add image / logo
    Overlay logo options allow users to easily incorporate logo (PNG / JPG format) in the video as a watermark. To enable this feature, under the image tab, enter the location where the picture was iia, set transparency and position of the logo. The importance of this feature is the user may add a logo during the IT infrastructure IT infrastructure offerings for video users.
  10. Synchronization
    He serves to set the subtitle or any video that is slow.
  11. Record Webcam Video
    shoot video from webcam VLC is a different function when compared with other media players. In separate listings automatic devices installed on the user's computer system. To capture video from Webcam, under the Media menu, click Capture Device.From the Video device name, select the webcam device and click Play. This will activate the webcam, and the user must first merakam videos directly.
  12. Media Bookmarking
    VLC allows the user to indicate the media fail, do not think the local media, or streaming.the user must signify fail when users play media and son.
  13. Advance Open File
    Advance Open File this characteristic allows the user to open a fail video with audio fail.
  14. Snapshots (Endorsing formatPNG, JPG)
    VLC allows users to take video snapshots. By simply pressing the capture key it will exchange the video frames to pictures. So users bolehla use this snapshot for video qualities teamed up on pages that users can muatturun muvie.
  15. Customize Interface
    There are so many features & functions that VLC media player makes it differed from the other, between these characteristics, one is a feature of customizing the interface. Under the View menu, you will see the Customize Interface. It allows users to; swapping menus, debt plus, adds / extinguish debt plus, swap stacking set menu, and change the position of the convoy.

 VLC Media Player 1.1.11

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