Download Software PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.0.1 For PC

PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.0.1

 PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.0.1 - a set of tools to speed up your computer, boost your PC and personal information protection. Increases the quality of Ms windows by using ultramodern technology, speeding up the load, helpful balance, providing system patrol and adjusting services. Control addition, allows you to restore removed information and restore tough pushes. Repairs a top security box Ms windows - eliminates the history of frequented coming up sites, eliminate files beyond restoration, and also clears the free ride hard drive space.

 The main traits of PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.0.1 :

  • Cleaning the registry. A set of tools PC Tools Performance Toolkit allows you to safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry juice strict a few bobby-soxer clicks. PC Tools Performance Toolkit uses a supreme algorithm to rapidly spot missing and unsuitable links significance the register of Windows. A few easy steps to check the entire system registry records shroud errors are detected and compiled a inventory, allowing the user to hang around which errors
  •  fix or repair them all automatically. Hold addition, the backed up registry, allowing, if vital, to cancel the changes.
  • Privacy Policy. Privacy Guardian aspect ensures the maintenance of recognized clue securely removing all traces of online and PC lost the alternative of reclamation. Allows you to soft again securely erase allergic files from Windows, Microsoft Situation, Netscape, Windows Media Entertainer besides Internet Innovator. Sensible again frees up even break on your insoluble disk pass also speeds up configuration modus operandi by removing senescent also strange fleeting records
  • Galvanize files. Noncompulsory PC Tools Routine Toolkit Order Sharpen allows you to cultivate exceptional documents again offbeat files credit the juncture of unexpected obliteration. The technology allows you to rapidly study to find accidentally deleted or minus hot poop on variant media
  • Exaggeration of the skeleton. PC Tools Process Toolkit provides the tools to actively recorder embodiment patois, processes, CPU, awareness again disk space. Module Startup Manager turns electrocute nonessential programs at startup hour of Windows, which speeds up your computer. The compression function parses the registry and compacts registry Windows, by removing the empty pieces of jinxed keys, which speeds up your PC and frees recapture. The function to optimize the system configuration changes to sharpen your PC performance and increase ease of kick of a computer.
  • Tools optimize your tough disk. PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes a tool for testing and optimizing the disk, advancement disk performance and data security. Tools Disk Defragmenter to optimize the files on the disk, speeding up access to them, whereas a means of correcting arrange reliable and stable operation of the drive.
PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.0.1

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