Free Download Software Process Explorer 15.20 Full Version

Free Download Software Process Explorer 15.20 Full Version

Process Explorer 15.20 hows you details about which manages and DLLs procedures have started out or packed.

Process Explorer 15.20 display includes two sub-windows. The top screen always reveals a list of the currently active procedures, such as the brands of their having records, whereas the details shown in the bottom screen is determined by the function that Procedure Traveler is in: if it is in manage function you'll see the manages that the procedure chosen in the top screen has opened; if Procedure Traveler is in DLL function you'll see the DLLs and memory-mapped information that the procedure has packed. Procedure Traveler also has a highly effective search ability that will quickly show you which procedures have particular manages started out or DLLs packed.

The unique abilities of Procedure Traveler make it useful for monitoring down DLL-version problems or manage leaking, and provide understanding into the way Ms windows and programs work.

Process Explorer 15.20

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