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Forsaken World

Forsaken World Online is free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Eyrda. It is published by Perfect World and developed by the same company.

When player first enters to the game and create the character he/she can choose from 5 races and from 8 classes, all races are locked to specific classes:
Races & Classes:
- Mage
- Warrior
- Assasin
- Priest

- Warrior
- Priest
- Bard

- Marksman

- Protector

- Assasin
- Mage
- Vampire

Class Information:
- They are masters of stealth, Assassins can deal high damage at close range. They use light armors and have low health.

- Can wielding long-ranged weapons, Marksman can fight their enemies from a distance. Marksman can deal consistent damage over time, but they are lightly armored.

- Is the needed supportive caster class who can heal and bolster the fighting capabilities of their allies.

- A mysterious class that mixes magic and melee attacks. Vampires use their own health to perform attacks, but absorb the life of their enemies.

- A supportive class whose music can effect those around them. Bards can disable enemies or buff allies nearby.

-- Masters of the Ice, Fire and Magic. Mages have high damage output but low defense and health, so they are very vulnerable to enemy attacks.

- The central figure of any group. Warriors have high health and can deal much damage at close range.

- The main tank of the game or defensive fighter of Forsaken World. Protectors can absorb enemy attacks for their allies. They have heavy health and defense and skills that can take the attention of enemies. But protectors still have limited damage output.

Features Forsaken World Online:
- The Encyclopedia system in Forsaken World is a compendium of information that is useful to look through if you have any specific questions you want to look up answers for. You can find information on anything from skills to quests, and everything in between.

- Players can gain in-game achievements by completing a very wide array of different tasks.

- You can find diffenet events in Forsaken World, from daily events to weekly events and more.

Eyrda Boutique:
- The Item Mall in Forsaken World is home to a multitude of items, ranging from healing potions to fantastic mounts and fashion items.

- Participating in a guild is a great way to make friends and accomplish great things in Forsaken World. You can join a freshman guild whenever you want.

- The occupation system in Forsaken World allows you to specialize in numerous crafting professions that will let you create everything from potions to armor.

- The pet system in Forsaken World allows you to train numerous pets around the world to be used in combat with you. Starting at level 10 in Freedom Harbor, you will be given a free starter pet by simply following the main quest line.

- Once you reach level 10 and acquire the prayer skill (which is automatically gifted to you by accepting the final starter reward), you will be able to pray to the gods once every hour. By doing so, you will gain several nice benefits that making praying every hour worthwhile.

- Starting at level 30, you will become eligible to take part in player vs player combat (PvP). On a PvP server, you will be able to attack other players - as well as be attacked yourself - at any point in time when you aren't in a safe zone.

Faction Reputation:
- Gaining reputation with the various races in Forsaken World is a great way to earn some nice rewards. To get reputation, you can do a variety of tasks. The easiest way to get reputation is to simply complete as many quests, events, and dungeons as you possibly can. Sometimes, you will be rewarded with medals that you can trade in to various faction oriented NPC's for reputation towards that faction.

- There are a huge number of displayable titles that can be earned in Forsaken World. Titles can be earned for everything from completing certain quests, performing well in events, killing powerful bosses, and a vast array of other tasks. Titles are color coded according to the difficulty of gaining them. Grey titles are the easiest, while purple titles are the most difficult to achieve.

Player Vendor Shops:
- Setting up a player run shop is an easy and lucrative way to make money in Forsaken World. To begin, make sure you have the items you wish to sell to other players in your inventory.

Forsaken World Online
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